Connecting People

A1 / velcom

Illustrations Set / Apparel / Merch

Photography: Jenny Andriyanova

All items are available at velcom Online Store


Don’t Keep Silence When You Have Something Great to Say
Listen to the World
Whisper to Me About the Sea
Think Positive

“Connection People” illustration set is a result of the tender I won. It was commissioned by A1 (velcom) – Belarusian Mobile Provider for their advertising company for making the original corporate and souvenir merch – branded cups, notes, sketchbooks, sweatshirts, tees, bags and postcards. Also, these illustrations are going to appear on billboards and other outdoor ads.

velcom liked my idea so much, so they changed the conсept to give each illustrator one picture to create and I was promoted to make all the series. The topic was “Connection People” – cause the company is a mobile provider with its primary function to connect people. I was asked to make powerful and positive metaphorical compositions without using phones, tablets etc, showing the power of connection between people in different cases, even if they are completely far from each other.