Chrysalis Solo Exhibition

«Ў» Contemporary Art Gallery / Minsk / BY

Innovation Festival Vilnius / Lietuvos technikos muziejus / Vilnius / Lithuania

Solo Exhibition / Installation / Interior

2010 - 2011

The installation based on Ray Bradbury’s «Chrysalis» story. This is distinctive review of novel and reflection of human formation to the new evolution round, changing the body inside causing unimaginable mental and physical pain. Interior metamorphosis with the inner organs transformations are protected from the world by the Chrysalis. But there is a moment when the creature would come out finally. Does the new born tend to call a human any more? How would it be treated by the mankind? The most estimated reactions to those who are completely different from all around are the fright and ultimate agression.

+ Photographic part of the installation:

Also «Chrysalis» project was in Lithuania, on Innovation Festival in Vilnius / Lietuvos technikos muziejus / Design Week 2011.