About Hare and Aliens

Sci-fi Fairytale

Illustration / Book / Storytelling / Graphic design


Once upon a time an ordinary Hare…

...lived in the city.

Among thousands of similar hares.

Until the day when Hare realized that his world…

...is a tiny speck in the ocean of the Universe.

He began to look at the stars.

But other hares didn’t understand him.

So he left them.

He mused alone..

...about things beyond fragile Earth.

He believed that he was being watched by staring alien eyes.

Sometimes he seemed that for a moment…

...sky gleamed with flying sauser.

And once They appeared.

Same wonderful as he, but with no ears.

They became friends immediately.

And Hare became happy Hare.

The essence of the story is…

...if you are waiting for something - believe. And will happen.